Committe Duties The Felixstowe Pool League

  Duties for Committee members of The Felixstowe Pool League

In a perfect world, the following duties are performed as below, it would be interesting if the new comittee (2018 plus) have any specification for their duties.

Organise Trophies - select and order.
Create minutes of meetings, including the AGM - send/email to results secretary for distribution.
Notify teams of AGM and distribute an agenda, with time for additions to the agenda and advertise the agenda.
Notify teams of any other meetings. Booking of rooms for meetings, where necessary.
Distribution of notices/fliers for other events.
Booking of presentation night events/hall/food etc
Competitions Secretary
Organise competitions.
Organise draws for competitions, making sure each venue has a copy of the draw.
Distribute draws via the results results secretary.
Make decisions as they arise to make the competitions run smoothly.
Results Secretary
Create the fixtures and reserve dates for the season.
Collate league Results on a weekly basis.
Distribute where possible each week league results.
Forward using the email list, all communication: competition details, AGM details, meeting details.
Organise yearly fixtures and determine teams for the division(s).
Enter results to Web site and other news or information on a weekly basis.
Keep a list of email distribution list and avoid send all (use BCC)
Distribute registration sheets before the AGM.
Run meetings - provide agenda for meetings including any proposed rule changes.
Present trophies.
Make sure secretaries and treasurer do their duties.
Deal with any issues that arise.
Keep books in order.
Collect monies due and pay monies into bank.
Manage 2 bank accounts so that monies are available when required.
Make payments as required.
Provide an up to date income/expenditure sheet at any time throughout the year.