Screen shots from File organiser: (some of these need updating (1/1/2013)

'Detail view' in the left window and 'thumbnails' view in the right side. (3 Thumbnail sizes available)

It is important to right click buttons to find extra features. The most common are 'Valid drives', All the drive butons and the 'open folder' button ( ).

Drives can be accessed directly. (These are configurable)

Favourite places can easily be added, via the button.

New Folder can be made on each side via clicking :

Info Button. (Information)

Clicking 'size' will sort. Click the 'Save results to file' button or right click to save information to a text file.

Find or Search.

The 'Find' button is pressed and a pop-up screen is display, as in the example below. 'carp' was typed and the 'enter' key was pressed. The 'size' option can be used, as shown. Modified date could also have been used, to narrow down the search.

The folder to search is the same one as in the LEFT window, before the 'Find' button is pressed.

If you 'right click' the mouse, an option to save the results to a file is allowed.

A perfect example: I use it to find my 'lightroom' catalogues. The files end with lrcat. I click on the correct drive and type in lrcat and click search and all my catalogues are displayed!

Renaming of selected files (in the left window)

This is accessed via 'edit', rename or right click the address bar, after selecting files.

Note that ALL of these functions I have found very usefeul, that is why they are there! I do photography and create video files and use it a lot.

PROFILE's are very useful and can be used to save parameters. Two are fixed.

Many items can be individually configured, the first TAB is shown. (hi-lighted via "Basic rename - Using - Template - Number count" )

Start number, step value.

Any name clashes are indicated.

And file extension clashes are indicated. e.g. if .doc and .jpg mixed. But this can be ignored.

The 'Sequence' option is there is allow the 1st, 2nd etc, if there are more then one sequence.

Below is an actual example I used, renaming some hmoe video files.

Basic rename

Now the following screenshot show the 2nd TAB. (hi-lighted via "Replace/Remove" )

On the right side, Text can be removed (e.g. Title) and this can be replaced. (e.g Nikon)


The third TAB is shown. ( via "Case Change" )

Where various sections of the characters can be case changed, inccluding the EXTension.

Quite useful for MP3 files, is the "Change up to char", used to change the case upto this char only.

Case change

Memory card speed calculation.

Insert memory card and it should appear in teh right side.

Click the 'Swap' button, to get the memory card on teh left side.

Select some file(s) of a reasonable size, bigger the more accurate teh result will be.

Click the 'Copy' button.

Here is an example of a SanDisk SD HC card

Clicking 'help' and selecting the "SHOW MEMORY card speed information. (used when using the "COPY" button)" option for more information on calulations.

Save Folder and/ or file structure and information to a text file. (for printing)

The following example shot shows the exe files under the c:\Program files folder. with many options.

This can be accessed from 'File', right clicking either of the address bars under 'Save to File'. (left or right side)

Save HTML links to a WEB page

Accessed via 'file', 'save Internet links to HTML'

Example files created can be seen here:

Configuration options.

All saved options are sent to the organiser.ini file.

This was originally done for the school administrator, to allow disallow access. I intend to re-design all this at some later date.