Screen shots from File organiser: (Updated April 2013)

Renaming of selected files (in the left window)

This is accessed via 'edit', rename or right click the address bar, after selecting files.

Note that ALL of these functions I have found very usefeul, that is why they are there! I do photography and create video files and use it a lot.

PROFILE's are very useful and can be used to save parameters. Two are fixed.

Many items can be individually configured, the first TAB is shown. (hi-lighted via "Basic rename - Using - Template - Number sequence" )

Start number, step value.

Any name clashes are indicated.

And file extension clashes are indicated. e.g. if .doc and .jpg mixed. But this can be ignored.

The 'Sequence' option is there is allow the 1st, 2nd etc, if there are more then one sequence.

Below is an actual example I used, renaming some hmoe video files.

Basic rename

Now the following screenshot shows the 2nd TAB. (hi-lighted via "Replace/Remove" )

On the right side, Text can be removed (e.g. Title) and this can be replaced. (e.g Nikon)

Remove replace

The third TAB is shown. ( via "Case Change" )

Where various sections of the characters can be case changed, inccluding the EXTension.

Quite useful for MP3 files, is the "Change up to char", used to change the case upto this char only.

Case change

The fourth TAB enables adding the FILEDATE of each file to the start of each filename. Spacers can also be added.

This method allows for varying date order.

Date/ time added to filename

Below Shows Profile names used, 10 flexible are allowed and 2 are fixed.

The names can be modified, except the two fixed ones.

Renaming using a text file


The final option is a rarely used, but powerful option allowing repeat renaming.

Renaming using a text file

Renaming using a text file

Below is the right -click option on the Rename button button used to create a template file. The correct number of files selected must match the final set of files.

Rename button right click