File Organiser - (Advanced File Manager/ Explorer)

This program is basically to replace 'Explorer', but to make life much easier, originally designed for teachers.

File, gets lost, mislaid or totally dis-organised! ALL files end up in the root folder!

Latest Version: V1.800 1st Nov 2013. MORE screenshots have been added and updated. Download here. (or at sourceforge)

**** (18/1/2011) in "OVERVIEW", links to tutorial youtube videos!! *****

"Overview" (this is also the Help section) updated 25/07/2012.

for Delphi 2009 programmers.
Built using Jam Delphi "ShellBrowser Components", this will be required if you want to build from the source code. A 30 day trial is available.

organiser.ini is created and used to retain all settings. No registry settings are modified.

For personal use, I have added a great feature (for me!) where your Internet favourites can be saved as .htm files and uploaded onto a web page, currently accessed via right-clicking the left address bar and selecting 'Save To File' >> Save to Htm file, urls (Explorer Internet Favourites). Can now be sorted by date crerated, so that old ones can be ignored.

Only works on URLs, recommend via 'Favourite set: 'FIXED' >> Internet favourites

PLEASE REPORT PROBLEMS. Email is in the "about" box, within FileOrganiser


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