NOTE: Installation is NOT required and uses an organiser.ini file for storage of data. (hidden in the C:\Windows folder)

Put the file where you want and run the FileOrganiser.exe file. Create a short cut and copy it where you want. Desktop, c:\Program files\ etc.

Now available is an install (FileOrganiserSetup.exe) program.

This simply copies the fileOrganiser.exe to a folder and puts a shortcut to you desktop. (not on the 'All Programs')

ANY bugs in Windows 7, please let me know as I do little testing in Windows 7 as I primarily use XP.

Personal version. List of changes .

V1.800 or zip version LATEST version 01/11/13. UPdated. RECOMMEND to download : TreeSize Free from JAM. This will add an excellent option to a 'right click'

V1.720 19/07/13.

V1.710 15/01/13.

V1.610 18/06/12.

V1.601 06/05/12.

V1.52 12/01/12

V1.51 21/12/11

V1.50 06/12/11.

V1.422 12/08/11

V1.41 28/05/11

V1.40 26/04/11

V1.35 01/04/11.

V1.34 14/02/11.

V1.331 29/12/10.

V1.32 23/10/10.

V1.311 28th Aug 2010

V1.30 03/04/10

V1.291 10/02/10.

V1.28 Jan 2010

V1.271 14/12/09.

V1.261 15/10/09.

V1.241 25/08/09.

V1.23 7/7/09

V1.22 25/03/09. Good version.


V1.192 24/02/09

V1.181 20/12/08.

V1.18 15/12/08.

V1.17 5/12/08.

V1.16 7/08/08.

V1.15 25/04/08.

V1.14 17/04/08. Windows 98 untested from this version on, but should be fine.

V1.13 12/03/08

V1.12 8/01/08

V1.1186 7/12/07

V1.1182 19/7/07

Jam version Started in 10/11/06.

TWS or networked version. (Needs H drive for storage of 'organiser.ini', this is HIDDEN )

V1.181 (TWS) 20/12/08, untested with H drive, but should be OK! :)

V1.16 (TWS) 07/08/08

V1.151 (TWS) 16/05/08

V1.13 (TWS) 12/03/08 Last version fully tested at TWS

V1.12 (TWS) 8/01/08

V1.1185 (TWS) 8/11/07