FileOrganiser Changes. Enhancement in green, bugs in brown.

PLEASE report any bugs, problems or suggestions. All suggestions come from ME, as I extensively use FileOrganiser quite a lot and add in features that I use and need! :)

V1.800   01/11/13
Jam still at V8.13 and will probably remain, as maintainence is expensive, bearing in mind that I work on FileOrganiser for nothing!!

Faster operation.
Added valid drives icon to RIGHT side.
5 more rename profiles. (also fixed a few minor bugs around this area!)
Added extra feature in renaming- fixed length text deletion.
NAS icon    automatically added to a drive button if "NAS" found in its path. (can be re-defined under "configuration", then features 2)
Download  icon   automatically added to a drive button if "download" found in its path.

Back and up button (right click up button) now displays folder contents correctly.
Fixed display to fileList: saves twice!! showing folder names only fixed
Fixed "find files" issue with invalid pointers. (appeared in JAM V8.3)
When network path dosnt exist in drive icons fixed, causing an annoying delay.
MyComputer icon now works correctly. And several other minor bugs.
EXIFtool now at V9.39.

V1.720 19/07/13
Jam now at V8.13 fixing sorting issues. (problems were in JAM V8.1.1 and V8.1.2)
3 extra drive buttons on left side.
Added extra feature in renaming- fixed length text deletion.
Hint updates correctly in favourite editor. Can now open image location in googlemaps, if GPS information exist in EXIF.
"Valid Drives" information button changed when clicking, now show drive list and can goto any drive.

Various bugs fixed in find and rename functions.
Popups improved when showing "recycle bin"
Copy paste on a file now works again.
EXIFtool now at V9.33.

V1.710 15/01/13
Can now customise appearance of the word "Favourite" (under Config) to "Bookmark" or "favorite" (USA spelling)
Added option to directly open "found.txt" under the find menu.

Fixed problem of some folders showed grey in wrong place in favourite.
Fixed when editing favourites list, position one was lost and ignored.
Fixed: saves size of window resolution height/ width, if not max. (click "view"- Set to maximum" to make maximum size)
EXIFtool now at V9.13.

V1.700 02/01/13
Folder checking (specifically network paths) done by threads, stopping long pauses if (network) path dosnt exist!
Faster due to Jam update to V8.1
Improved text file save, and fixed a filter bug.
Added function for renaming using a text file. (rename_list.txt) Can be created yourself, or via Menu-SaveToFileList option.
Split ini file and now have a rename.ini file created.
Web Bookmarks save option improved, now got select by date option.

Fixed problem in Windows 7 only, EXIF info now displayed correctly and a general fix.
Few rename bugs fixed including renaming via template.txt
Other fixes by JAM, particularly a crash if C:\Documents and Settings\user\application Data was selected! (in XP).
Many other minor fixes, additions and changes.

V1.610 18/06/12
Improved rename. Added 2 more profile options and now template name is saved individually.
Rename template file created, so can duplicate renaming.
Improved moving of splitters.
FileOrganiser will now save to screen size or as before, adapt to maximum screen size. (under "view") I find useful for laptop to HDMI to TV)
Text file saves are now to \My Documents\FileOrganiserFiles.

Updating a file now updates/refreshes the folder correctly.
Many other minor fixes and changes.

V1.601 06/05/12 (note: Version 1.6 had the versions mixed up in the "about box")
Added "Dropbox Icon. (If Dropbox if in the path, then Icon auto-selected).

Fixed window size on window7,
Fixed a config option which affected showing network options in main menu.
JAM at V8.02

V1.52 12/01/12
Added link to sourceforge in the Help pull-down menu.

The UP buttons fixed, stopped working in V1.51. Also is now properly enabled when double click a folder.
"Show Control panel" now opens in a new window.
Few minor bug fixes and rename improvements. Released this before major work.
Exiftool at V8.75

V1.51 21/12/11
Fairly major bugfix to Findfiles feature where findfiles failed by limiting itself, all works fine now with some improvements!
EXIFtool now at V8.73

V1.50 06/12/11
JAM V7.3.2, V8.0 is available but needs much more testing!!
Address bar imnprovments:
Added copy (to clipboard) option & PASTE options to address bar and hint now shows this name.
(useful if describing to somebody over the phone!)
Also able to type in drive or path directly.
RENAMING: Added feature to add DD-MM-YEAR to filename, useful for listing GPS type files plus other minor improvements.
"Save to file list" (under File menu): Added 5 profiles.

Hints improved in various places.

EXIFtool now at V8.71

V1.422 12/08/11

(Note that V1.421 was release but the wrong file was uploaded, so V1.422 is released to correct this)

V1.421 09/08/11
JAM V7.3.2 Simple component update to JAM 7.3.2 improving FileOrganiser
After rename, hints are now updated.
After a rename UNDO, then refresh is now done properly.
EXIFtool now at V8.61

V1.42 12/07/11
JAM V7.3.1
Fixed link for updates, now works when clicking website to sourceforge.
Testing of SD memory cards, write speed now incudes class 10
Added to right-click options. (copy folder level, ..)
Youtube tutorial links added to help menu.
Now able to OPEN the favourites.txt in fav editor.
Fixed and minor improvements to multiple renaming profiles: now hi-lighted and displayed.
Save Folder information to file feature has been improved and few minor fixes.
EXIFtool now at V8.60

V1.41 27/05/11
Find files improved, added extra options to right click.
Defaults to show Video, music and pictures in the "personal" set and be the default startup for new users and few other minor improvements. Added separators in the menu items
Rename default changed, to give examples and now saves ALL parameters.
Fixed bug in browsing Network and MyComputer, crept in with V1.4 (due to JAM differences)
Selection of 1 image,then several fixed display, also can now export multiple EXIF information.
Fixed minor path issues with changing favourite sets for 1st time, didnt work as expected.
For 1st time use: Changing to "fixed system" set, now "ticks" show selected item and defaults to startup menu.
EXIF data: date format UK or USA can be save to file.
EXIFtool now at V8.57

V1.40 26/04/11
Add 8 definable and 2 fixed profiles for renaming, this saves rename options.
Another renaming enhancement, useful for MP3, capitalise upto a definable char. eg: SINGER- song title
Display problem with .lnk (shortcut) file fixed and can be now deleted.
Windows 7 (probably Vista!?): Fixed a few problems with file selections and renaming of files. (all OK in XP!)
Jam now at V7.30 which has many improvements, one is much faster startup time.
EXIFtool now at V8.56

V1.35 01/04/11
Renaming now has an UNDO function. Accessible in 3 places, under the "EDIT" and right clicks.
Multiple EXIF info can be displayed easier.
Copy/ move hints added more information
If multiple folders in memory card (for cameras), then chooses LAST folder. eg. D:\Dcim\102NCD90
Can now rename lower cased to upper and vici versa, including extensions.
Fixed, deleting short cuts in the start menu: was ok in v1.32.

Selecting multiple image files, no longer displays an image.

EXIFtool now at V8.53

V1.34 14/02/11
Added definable filter to the FILTER.
Checking for new version no longer delays the program on startup, especially if not conenctioned to the Internet.
Right click the UP buttons will now Move BACK in history.
CD/DVD/USB drives now show its name in the hints and information.
Added open file option(if exists) in folder Information
Few minor improvements to renaming.
Added 3 tutorial videos, via youtube.

EXIFtool now at V8.4

V1.331 29/12/10
Simple bug fix to renaming.

added separator to rename feature. (useful for renaming MP3 files)

V1.33 30/11/10
All bug fixes, so real additions to features
More compatibilty with Windows 7 due to compiling with Delphi2009
Renaming now checks for conflicts on ALL files in the folder, not just the ones selected!
Fixed: renaming single photos, now displays images. (rename wasnt updated), bug in JAM component.
Fix EXIF tool problem, dosnt work when compiled in Delphi2009
Fixed several renaming bugs. Saves options, conflicts displayed ok now.
EXIFtool now at V8.4

Windows 7 bug fixed, when clicking on the right window. (I only use XP!)
Multiple Rename improved interface and speed. Can now re-sort the rename list.
Added Rename button to the toolbar.
Fixed view option, if select fixed sizes.
Few other (minor) bugs fixed.

V1.32 23/10/10
JAM V7.21
Windows 7 bug fixed, when clicking on the right window. (I only use XP!)
Multiple Rename improved interface and speed. Can now re-sort the rename list.
Added Rename button to the toolbar.
Fixed view option, if select fixed sizes.
Few other (minor) bugs fixed.

V1.311 26/08/10
RENAME: added option to change Extension of filename independently. (e.g. .jpg to .JPG)
Fixed file-operation status, showed false message when used shift-del key.
Fixed status after editing a file.
Fixed renaming, caps options

Select all now shows file size, takes slightly longer, if lots of files
Rename files: instant preview now works as expected

V1.31 14/07/10
JAM V7.11 .this fixes the sorting of columns after a refresh.
Fixed and improved renaming, replace/ remove: if text entered, on return, 'Replace with' does not appear until required, as well as 'Which sequence'
Ctrl-A (select all) greatly improved on large number of files. Also no more freezing when clicking a folder, when it contains large number of files.
Five more definable buttons on each side for drives or paths.
Any folder name with "movie" will now automatically show the movie icon.
Deleted files now uses recycle bin, incase of accidental deletions! (unavailable on network or memory cards!)

Date fixed (from 2009! to 2010)
Fixed problem when using "move up" buttons after using the "select ALL" option.
EXIFtool now at version V8.29

V1.30 03/04/10
Rename improved usability and added other features, specifically to help renaming of MP3 files
Can now remove numeric sequences, specific characters and change the capitalisation. Instant preview added, for renaming lots of files.
Improved the readabilty of the EXIF options when viewing images, can save details to text file.
Extra option: to stop the OK message on each delete/copy/move
EXIFTool at V8.16

V1.291 10/02/10, quickly updated to V1.291 as V1.29 had a problem on startup on other computers. (except mine!)
JAM V7.04.
Improved EXIF viewing options, now tabulated.
Added custom viewing of EXIF info(selectable EXIF options).
Bug Fix: fav editor, some paths would cross to other sets and last one in list couldnt be deleted!
EXIFtool now at version V8.09

V1.28 19/01/10
JAM V7.03. (much better!!)
Added a permanent list, variable, top1, 2, 3, 4 etc? (pinned) so always at top of list.
Multiple rename enhanced.
Added extra option, to allow to set to fit maximum screen size, under "view"
Faster startup, as check for new version was done, even if unticked "autocheck for new version". Now OK
Possible error stopped, clearing the Jamlist2 window.
Changed various save files names, e.g. in search. (from found.txt)
Counter for set 10 now works OK.

V1.271 14/12/09
Fixed Info button which caused error.
Fixed a possible error (out of bounds) with saving search results.

V1.27 2/12/09
2 more icons added to fav. editor sets.
EXIF tool now used for EXIF data in pictures which show much more reliably, including geotags. Select help- about to get version numbers.
Windows 7 and Vista improvements, on detecting Pictures and music folder on 1st time use!
FavouriteFolder moved to user profile

Fixed problem in left "tree", if folder deleted via 'right click" - "delete"
Delete folders in the treeview with the delete button not allowed.
More consistant messages and a few other misc. bugfixes.

Pressing the delete key now works ok in editing(renaming) a filename in the Left window. (supposed to have fixed in V1.261!)

V1.261 21/10/09
Reverted back to Jam V6.4 due to problem copying and deleting files over a network.
Added to "used" hint in About: statistics for deleted, copied, moved and renamed.

Pressing the delete key now works ok in editing(renaming) a filename in the Left window.
Right clicking window and selecting "select all", then delete/ copy button now works ok.
Delete now refreshes screen more reliably (before its was intermittant)

V1.26 13/10/09
If Copy button right clicked, can copy root folders ONLY, no files. Useful for copying folder structure.
On program start, autocheck for new version of fileorganiser, can be easily disabled under 'options'.

Fixed minor bug, when selecting all in the left window, caused an error relating to folders/ files
A few other fixes relating to the move/ delete copy buttons.

V1.25 08/10/09
Jam now at V7.01
Save Drivelist to file, include drive size. (as well as free space)
location of organiser.ini is now in MyDocuments folder, so that settings are per person!! With this change, guest users can use. (with restrictions)
Copy/ move buttons improved
Extra DELETE button added to the right side.
Restore the copy option to normal, or allow a choice. (minimise)
Fixed problem when network drive disappears!
When find done, ctl-A has listbox out of bound error

Minor fix to renaming of files, regarding replacement.

V1.241 13/08/09
"Info" button now works OK! (failed in V1.24 only)
Minor fix to set icons, within favourite editor.

V1.24 08/08/09
Jam now at V6.3
Icons or ticks can now be displayed with each SET. (See Faveditor to change)
When selecting a folder with lots of files causes a freeze (especially on a network), now fixed.
SelectALL then use copy button fixed
Fixed rename: start value if more than 9 caused incorrect result.
Few other minor fixes, especially in fav editor.

V1.23 07/07/09
Rename enhanced, now has option to remove a definable string AND replace with another(if required).
Much better positioning of the "new folder" and "info" on the right, also Status on the right.
Start up items are now shown in the "fixed Favourites".
Tidied up code, many improvemennts, selection of files and improved status panel.
Fixed problem with 'fixed' favourites and now has a tick set, so that selection can be seen.
Fixed problem when renaming a single file and use the "delete" key.
Fixed problem , if mouse lifted outside of selection window, caused irratic enabling of copy buttons.
Fixed a couple minor bugs in "folder info", saving to file name.

V1.22 15/05/09
Renaming files now retains status check boxes.
Right clicking gives new option: "New Text file".
Find now specifies path as well as filename, when saving the result. (via right click)
Fixed a bug viewing invalid jpgs, which caused system hang.
Fixed right click on CD button, open CD in right window. (did nothing)

V1.21 25/03/09
For the average user, with 1 hard drive, made buttons more useful. (eg. my documents, my pictures, etc)
Fixed minor bugs: Music icon shown multiple times in buttons.

V1.2 24/03/09 Jam V6.2.6 implemented.
Big sort out with code around the drive buttons.
> Drive refresh, open in new window and set path to drive added to drop down menu.
> All drive buttons are separately configuarable now. Hard drive icon is black if a drive and Blue if a path.
> Icons used, if music, pictures, dvd, video in paths.
> Instead of drives enabled, they now vary in colour (red = invalid or no media).
> This also means that you can right click a drive and set it to another path/ drive.
> Button icons now change to reflect USB/ CD/ fixed.

Hints dont fill up too much when selecting hundreds of files.
Fixed: Adding to favourites intermittantly added the short path version.
Fixed minor bug where splitter shift 4 pixels to the right on each program run.

V1.192 24/02/09
Bug fix: when use copy but and 'option - confirm copy is set, then divide by 0 error'
All sets to changed to 'report' mode, except 'pictures in the right side!
Messagebox when use copy button, now always on top.
Fixed: if click "white space", image ticks now work ok, if selected!!

V1.191 14/02/09
Jam V6.2.5 implemented meaning more stability. Bug fix regarding the "up" buttons being disabled.
A few minor bugs in the favs list affecting enabled/ disabled items

V1.19 4/02/09
NEW feature: speed of memory cards now possible
. (use copy button)

FIX: When all files filter used, files without extensions were invisible
When drives added, Numerous refreshes eliminated.

V1.181 20/12/08
Right click drive button, now shows drive list to select, then can set the drive to this value. (TWS admin and personal only)

Small bugs, right window if add favourite and path is "shortened", eg. c:\windows\..\temp.
Also fav drive 3 "right click" was incorrect.

V1.18 16/12/08
Jam components updated to V6.2.3. Added drive list selection to right click on "Valid Drives" button and open folders (just above address bar).

Fixed several problems in creating of web page and enhanced this. NOTE: this is useful, as I can now create web links much easier for my PSP and then upload my own web page! :)
Renaming of file extensions now update the icon. (eg. .txt to .doc)
Right click in list windows now fixed with "send to" and "open with". changed to right click on a file(s) or "White space"
Few other minor bugs.

V1.17 5/12/08
Activate Findfiles now focuses on the search field, ready to type a search string
Upgraded to
Jam V6.1.2.
Added 'desktop' and 'recycle bin' to 'file', except TWS version
Added more features to rename: hashes can be anywhere in the template and filename can be inserted. Invalid Filename characters not allowed. Mouse "back" button now works and is reflected in the path.Can now go UP the "Folder Tree", even if set in favourites. (ONLY in personal version), on network paths too.

F5 Now refreshes window that is active, along with drives enabled/ disabled.
Back mouse button, failed on drives to refresh status. Now have to press twice! (this is a JAM problem and will be fixed).
Short paths are now displayed if necessary in the address bar, if the paths are longer than the address bar can display.

Fixes bug when clicking 'My computer' and 'Show valid drives'. Internet Web URL page creation better.

V1.16 7/08/08
Upgraded to JAM V6.1.1 which fixed a few bugs in the component I use!
Sort added to favourites editor, to allow sorting of favourite paths.

Auto add to favs does not now occur when renaming files.
Renaming files now refresh more reliably and pressing 'ENTER' works correctly!! (nice to fix this one!)
In the fav editor: remaining slot updated when deletes entries.
If network path is lost, then display now updates correctly.
Now updates favourites list (pull down menu) when drive inserted or removed. (normally greyed out and didnt change)
Some minor bug fixes

V1.15 25/04/08
More storage for favourite paths in each set. i.e. increased from 20 up to 38, depending on window height. (well I use them all!)
Caption now shows selected SET.
Added "Select ALL" to right clicks in both panes.

Fixed once and for all resize of window and splitters.

V1.14 17/04/08
V6.03 of JAM with a few improvements in thumbnails, now size = 96, 48, 24 (replaces 100, 50, 25)
Changed the FIND icon to binoculars.
Changing sets now retains its own icon type. (e.g. thumbnails, details, etc). If thumbnail, retains its size and 'view type' in EACH SET.
Saving any log files will now save to the 'preferred' path. (Not C drive root)
Fixed in run programs, If exe dosnt exist.
Renaming now retains name template on exit and clears the selected files.
Hint on selected files dont include path+filename! (ONLY filname!)
Resizing window now OK. (right side)

V1.13 12/03/08
If a USB drive inserted and space for drives exist, then the USB drive will take one of the spare drive icons.
System locations now have friendly names. Also following a link is more robust (network links failed)
On 1st time FileOrganiser is run, it will be the same as the Screen resolution.
Control F now added, to FIND. Swap button added. Format A drive option now on right click A drive.
Auto detect of a camera folder, eg. Dcim AND a sub-folder under this which can be

TWS version added flexible servername and user to ini file.
Deleting of files/ folders can now be stopped under configuration..

Enhanced the visible/ enable drives

Some menu wording changed and default values.
Config more robust. if entered invalid or no path, this will be ok.

Copy/ edit/ paste are more consistant. Also the make/ remove folders are more consistant under the drop down menu.
under win98, usb removal wasnt detected correctly (Jam 6.01 problem) but worked around.
Now reports if no CD in drive if right click CD icon
Other small changes, mostly cosmetic, status improved, more consistant and stopped startup problem seen at home with different path/ root.

Enhanced the saveTofile info: Minor changes and now saves and restores all options.
minor fix to favourite list, 1st entry in each set is now will be 'my documents' when 1st run.

Filter fixed in config. problem (and a few others) crept in v1.22 where current locations wernt saved! (fixed). Delphi compilation no longer requires ShellShock components.
bug crept in TWS version 1.121 where user was always 'normal', so some menu optionms were missing.
Few other minor fixes.(update.ini)
Fixed insertion of memory drive, if no cameraPath, then ignored, now ok.
following short cuts fixed. didnt detect difference betweeen short cut to drive or exe!
Double clicking folders now updates findpath correctly.
Filter from combo box is now copied to SaveFileInfo.
some fixes in window sizes. Find, now has hidden file option, if enabled.

V1.12 8/01/08
Now using JAM V6.1 with some very good improvements., using threads to stop freezes.
Added feature to count favourite sets used. (results can be seen in config.)
Added Preferred default Drive path under config. eg if drive dosnt exist, this will be the default.

double clicking a zip file now functions correctly.
Favourite editor and Configuration bug fixes.
Saving folder Tree info improved with bugs fixed
OK on startup, if invalid drive or path.
Media and drive pen removal/ insertion now reliable

V1.1186 7/12/07
Editing favs, added browse for folder if personal or admin in TWs version.

Improved stability on removing/ adding drives
Editing favs MAJOR revamp, most redone.

V1.1185 7/11/07
Fixed problem when adding favourites. (ignored favourite 12) When list got full caused other problems!
New folder function cleaned up works better, will increment if newFolder exists.
If clicking list1(left side), dosnt reset hints correctly to no files selected.
Jam 5.5.2 adopted, causing problem in the 'info'. Fixed some intermitant file selection problems!! Also affects renaming.
Stopped "options", under config in personal verison.
Stopped "\" showing in favourite drives on 1st time program starts, with no organiser.ini

V1.1184 4/10/07
Clicking "Favourite"destination (right side) now brings selected item to top of the list.
Added smart refresh to copied/ moved files. Fixed a problem brought in v1.1183. (used refresh which caused an exception)
Clicking Zip files in tree are handled better, but a fix in the JAM component stop double clicking and opening as a zip file. Can get round this by right-click and select "open".

V1.1183 28/9/07
Fairly minor fixes, mostly TWS version
If 1st time run, defaults the column widths to shorter sizes. Also remember sizes.
RunPrograms now show all programs (missed 1st one in the list!)
MyComputer, if clicked, now toggles correctly (as expected)
Selecting ZIP files in right window now shows filename correctly
Added smart save of unchanged ini file items, make closing down quicker.

V1.1182 19/7/07 Last changes for a few weeks...
Minor fixes in "find" and "info" (now includes root files in the total filesize count).
Auto-refresh disabled when "Searching" or "Info" on a folder.
Also auto-refresh disabled if more than 50 items in a "Explorer" window.
Sort on Folder info works again (bug only in V1.1181).
if drag/drop copy, now added to favourites, if "autoadd" ticked.
TWS version: if no H drive, no exceptions created.

V1.1181 13/7/07
Uses Jam V5.5.1
Minor fix in viewing images.
Some improvements to 'FIND', including min/ max date range added.
Added map drive options to Admin (TWS) and Personal editon.
Win98 copy/ move/ delete buttons fixed in Win98. BUG when Using JAM , reported 3/7/07. (fixed in 5.5.1)
Improved the save to file option, now also appears under File menu. (added more options)
Address & main windows: right click option to transfer window across to other side.
Stopped error with removable drives. Can now right click configurable drives and windows to transfer location to other window(s).

V1.1180 26/6/07
Info button, now sort works correctly on click size column. a Few other rminor bugs fixed.
Picture view possilble, 2 extra options in the left window (Show EXIF and IMAGE, if applicable)
Rename of a single file now OK

V1.1172 15/6/07
Fixed: click "short cut" in right window. Caused "out of bounds" error
Network browse can now show 1st server path.
Find improved
EXIF info now configurable to display in right window
Favourite editor crash bug fixed
if fav list full, now dosnt leave item at bottom!

V1.1171 8/6/07
Faster startup.

Folder info: file size of FOLDERS now OK, problem only in 1170.
column widths re-read when changing view styles to REPORT
removed limit of 500 files, to list.
[items] in folder shown when clicking tree, in status bar.
Exif data displayed for single jpg selection, will look at this further

V1.1170 25/5/07
No change to right window if blank CDR/ DVD inserted
Right click popup - rename files is now disabled when no files selected.
running latest libraries from JAM. (V5.4)
Win98 bug fixed in JAM, so now consistant with XP version
Improvements in window clicking and status info.
under fav menu, number of "menu spaces left" now shown. (20 max)

V1.1168 03/5/07
Viewing Network. printer, control panel several bugs fixed, can now add paths to favourites(network).
A couple of icons added to right click menus.
Auto delete of duplicated entries in the favourite list
Right window, drive size now displayed ok

Close down of program faster & cleaner.
Added CD right click: now can set right window to CD
Buttons in right side, better positioned, when resizing windows.
Make new folder buttons and RD, and several other things "cleaned up"
Jam components upgraded to V5.3

V1.1166 30/3/07
No real bug fixes, only improved interface:
The 'up' buttons moved to the address bar and changed to XP style.
The 3 upper toolbars can now be made visible or not.
re-Scan local drives and update buttons. (not TWS version! unless admin), under the 'edit' menu

V1.1165 27/3/07
Version V1.1164 removed auto detect of USB etc. re-enabled it!
Clicking invalid, eg. removeable, invalid drive in treeview fixed.
Detection of USB drives more robust, caters if memory inserted or not!
The 'About' now includes memory information.
Some minor fixes.

V1.1164 23/3/07
MAJOR improvement: 'info' is many times faster
right click right address, selecting button 3 was same as button 4
Sometimes got a driveAdd (stopped diplay in status), then drive remove wich was invalid. messed up windows! (fixed)
some file sizes above 2gb limit caused some errors!
about box now show memory info

Range errors fixed when saving Internet Favourites to HTM. Also a problem fixed when saving LARGE sets of internet links. >1000!
Selecting and DE-selecting files show sizes correctly on BOTH sides.
"info" now takes into account the 'hidden' option.
The column widths on BOTH sides are saved, if 'details' view used.

Control A (select all) and selecting files now works OK on the Right window.

Folder delete/ make foolders, especially in ROOT folder more accurate (cant delete root folder). Also find files.
Added: Cant run more one one instance of FileOrganiser!!.

Under "fixed favourites", can now select 'common startup programs'
Speeded up Control A (select all) and selecting files with cursor (does not select folders)
Increased favourite list, from 12 to 20. Also does not display unused drives as previously (default drive)
If drive invalid, in favourite list, now more robust also if initialising from ini file!
If no organiser.ini file existed, the about box was displayed and caused 'problems'! (fixed)

V1.115 01/03/07

If usb pen or CD removed (Drive or media removed), reverts back to old path in right window
Changed so ALT-F-W is make new folder on left window, as in Explorer
If using the 'up folder' button, now dont get a '\\' at the end
Can now update drive letters using "default paths", under 'view' (and a few other places!)
Very small change, but could have big effects. There was a consitancy problem in the right window. (unpredicable errors!)

Save Internet favourites, now opens its own page, to allow changes. Also moved under the 'file' menu. Removed from TWS version. (no use!?)
Info now shows TOTAL file size.

V1.113 11/01/07

Select all (Ctl-A) added!
Context menu option, now restored correctly.
Run menu more accurate
Internet Favourites can be saved to .htm files saved. (WEB pages)

Can now hide/ view statusbar
ShowStudents in the TWS version now saves name history correctly

V1.11 8/12/06
Thumbnails now added 3 levels of size. Sub-menu added
Improved Filesave and 'info' feature. Can now STOP the search/ scan if too big.
Rename added to context menu
Context menu can be enabled/ disabled. Useful for TWS version
HTM save option and many other enhancements.

V1.1 6/10/06
Re-done program to work with new "JAM" components.