Felixstowe Pool League 2017-18

Yep, Its the Felixstowe Pool League!

 Felixstowe Pool League is on the coast in Suffolk..... (near Ipswich)

I TOLD you ONCE!!! Its the Felixstowe Pool League

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** Felixstowe Pool Singles Competition.  This year the event will be played over 2 days at The Cork, first rounds on Saturday, final rounds on Sunday depending on entrants.  There is also a 2 entry fee.  Please can I ask every Captain to make a list of all their players wishing to play and also collect their 2 entry fee and pass on to Liam Oreilly, Dennis Cummings or Stuart Gordon asap.  You have till Monday 5th Feb to get these entries in and paid **

COMMITTEE   Why not email us!  
Results secretary: Stuart Gordon  
Secretary: Carol Florey    
Treasurer: Carol Florey  
Chairman: Mick Florey.  
Competitions: Dennis Cummings.