Felixstowe Pool 2015-16

Yep, Its the Felixstowe Pool League!

 Felixstowe Pool League is on the coast in Suffolk..... (near Ipswich)

I TOLD you ONCE!!! Its the Felixstowe Pool League

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          Apart from watching his team win the league this year, I have to take my hat off to the winner of the Player Rankings.   With an impressive 34 wins from 44, he kept his cool and composure running up to the second half of the season, showing true grit and determination as every captain should and always sober on the job keeping himself up the top.  I can now proudly announce the Winner of the 2015/16 Player Rankings is.............. MATT MILES.  Congratulations mate.

          This year we see the new format for the Singles Competition, only the top 32 players in the rankings will qualify.  We now have our 32 players to play in the Singles Competition on 19th June.  The draw has been determined like the football playoffs format - So player 1 will play player 32, player 2 will play player 31 and so on.   Please all take a look at the Singles Competition table which will show your group and venue.

           No games Sunday as it's Bank Holiday.  Following Sunday 5th June we have the Semi Final of the Losers plate and on the 12th June is the Mixed Doubles competition.
           Once again the Felixstowe Pool League Pubs, Players and Committee Members would like share their congrats to the Winners THE DOLPHIN & MATT MILES.

Results secretary: Stuart Gordon  
Secretary: Vacant (cover by committe)    
Treasurer: Colin Creasey  
Chairman: Gez Hughes.  
Competitions: Matt Miles