Feloxstowe Pool 2007-8

Yep, Its the Felixstowe Pool League!

 Felixstowe Pool League

I TOLD you ONCE!!! Its the Felixstowe Pool League
Felixstowe is on the coast in Suffolk..... (near Ipswich)

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Its NOT really me!!!  :) Who is this cueing??
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by Steve Daking. 7:30 at the RBL.

25/05/2008 Ladies night. Usually a round robin or K/O? to be decided on the night. (guess Snooker Club)

01/06/2008 Finals 1 night

This evening is here is allow players who play in BOTH (e.g. Trudge and a few others) to spread out their games. Also for Losers plate semi, unless arranged before today!

08/06/2008 Finals 2 night.

ANY outstanding competitions including Team K/O final (unless played Finals week 1)

19/5/08 Doubles updated (8570)

NEW Team score sheet (best to 'right click and 'save target as' ) in Excel format (Zipped from menu). If there are any problems with the fixtures.... any mistakes with dates/ clashes, let me know ASAP.

I aint doing nuffin..... but SPIN COMMITTEE  
Results secretary: Mick Florey
Secretary: Carol Florey
Treasurer: Carol Florey
Chairman: Marcel Keeble.
Competitions: Johnny Brown

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