Feloxstowe Pool 2003-4

Yep, Its the Felixstowe Pool League!

 Felixstowe Pool League

I TOLD you ONCE!!! Its the Felixstowe Pool League
Felixstowe is on the coast in Suffolk..... (near Ipswich)

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If you want league results via NEW email adress, then email ) Mick Florey. Please note, because I get a lot of junk mail, please put "FAO MICK" in the subject box. This will guarantee it getting through! I use POPfile to filter my email. Its good and FREE! NOTE: I have STOPPED looking at email: !!

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LATEST NEWS (contact email address's, below)

AGM: Register new teams here. DATE: Monday 6/9/04 Venue: Dolphin. Time: 20:00

5/7/04 CONFIRMED: Presentation Night at the Snooker Club, Saturday 10th July.

1st drink is free on the Pool league.

4/7/04 NOT really had it confirmed!! but think it is at th Snooker Club. 10th JulyJust realised I wont be available on the 10th July....... (22/6/04) Also, Customs is booked on the 10th, so it WONT be there!

Presentation night postponed (again): NOW PLANNED for 10th of July 2004

Hopefully, but not finalised, still for the Customs, with perhaps (who knows!) a barbeque!

Team score sheet in Excel format (Zipped from menu). Updated constitution. If there are any problems with the fixtures.... any mistakes with dates/ clashes, let me know ASAP.

I aint doing nuffin..... but SPIN COMMITTEE  
Results secretary: Mick Florey
Secretary: Fiona Hood
Treasurer: Simon Trudgett
Chairman: Marcel Keeble.  
Competitions: Paul Keeble Access via Marcel's address (above)  
Ladies Rep: Fiona Hood

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