My computer history

Startrek 3000 instructions...

I am the Author of this amazing game in 1981, originally for the ZX81, then for the ZX Spectrum. It was marketed by "DKtronics".

I agree, it does appear pathetic now, but I enjoyed playing and developing it!!

I actually wrote this for the ZX81 (in Basic) and transferred it to the ZX Spectrum adding a bit of machine Z80 machine code
 to do some screen scrolling.

Basically a text style game.
En'Gy is the ships Energy, when zero, game over
Kl'ns is the amount of Klingons left to destroy
Mob'y is the Klingons mobility setting. If zero, they don't move at all and you must find them. (by using 'W'arp)
If "mobility" is set to maximum (dont do it!), they will find you and you will die quickly!! Then they will close in, on your quadrant. (20-30 is a reasonable setting.)

The cyan display is the short range scanner (thing press 'S') - essential, press this first
The green display is the long range scanner (think press 'L') - essential,  press 2nd, to show klingon and star information
NOTE: Long range shows 3x3 quadrants (9). Shown as reference 1-8 across the top and 1-8 down the side.
The numbers in groups of 3 are as follows: [1st] Number of klingons on quadrant, [2nd] number of Starbases [3] number of stars

1. You cant 'see' anything until a scan is done. (Use 'S' and 'L')
2. The "galaxy" is made up from 8x8 quadrants. (The green map or long range scanner) shows a 3x3 grid of part of the galaxy.
and each quadrant is made up of 8x8 sectors (The Cyan map)
3. Starbases : Land next to one and energy is replenished
4. Torpedo fired one at a time, degree to fire (90 degrees is fire east, 180 degree is fire south, etc). press "c" for help on this.
5. Phasor power is taken from the energy
6. Klingon attacks reduces the 'Enterprise' Energy.

ALL keys
"G" galactic record. Shows the history of exploration of Klingons, bases and stars. Shown as 3 numbers. e.g. 315 indicates 3 Klingons, 1 Starbase and 5 stars.
"L" Long range scanner, used for location of Klingons, bases and stars and updating the Galactic record.
"S" Short range scanner, used for mapping Quadrants where the Enterprise is located.
"P" or could be
"W" warp, use for movement within the galaxy or quadrant. This is same format as firing a torpeo)
"T torpedo, used for 100% destruction of a Klingon (if HIT)
"P" phasor, fires in all directions, so can hit multiple Klingons. Effect decreases with distance and number of Klingons in quadrant. (most useful for destroying, or damaging several Klingons)
"R" report
"D" damage report
"C" course help (direction of torpedo)
"Q" Quit current game and start another.

I got highest scores by setting mobility to 25 and using phasors as Klingons come into quadrant and trying to find a 'Starbase' to replenish energy. The phasor hits are divided by the number of Klingons in the quadrant. If only one, then all energy is aimed at the Klingon, also the phasor power will diminish  if Klingons are further away.