My computer history

1. 1979
My first ever computer, back in 1979 was an
Sinclair MK14 and cost me 39.99 in kit form.
This was nothing more than a programmable calculator with 256 BYTES of RAM.

I used to do a lot of MK14 programming, so much that would sometimes count in hexadecimal.

2. 1981 (I bypassed the ZX80, as the display went blank when it was processing!!)
My next computer in 1981 was a ZX81, a black and white display, connected to a normal (at that time) analogue UHF TV

My first taste of "BASIC" programming and developed a "Startrek" style program
I did a few others

3. 1982
I progressed to the
ZX Spectrum which was 99, because I couldnt afford the BBC computer which was 399 in 1982!!!
I transferred the Startrek program to the ZX Spectrum and called it Startrek 3000 and DK tronics sold it for me, I didnt become rich on it!

I did so many things on this including Z80 machine code programming. Quite a few bits of software like a "fruit machine", "master mind", "word search"., "Risk"

around 1988 or so, I got hold of an old IBM pc and had my first taste of DOS!

I recall the stages of PC were a 286, then a 486, Pentium, Pentium III, Intel I5
All jumps seemed very significant.

I now have a Ryzen 5 PC

16gb RAM about 8 Tb worth of hard drives